This Month Rocks! #cooking

Blindfold yourself and pick 5 random spices at the supermarket. Figure out a dish for each.

Do the proper research and prepare for a vegan week. Challenge your cooking!

Treat yourself to the best and prettiest coffee! Learn how to make latte art.

Let's use that thing! Learn new recipes for that oven!

Learn to make fresh pasta. Hard work. But rewarding!

Treat yourself every sunday this month! Banana pancakes for the win!

Do it for a full month! It really forces you to learn to cook with spices.

Doodle a face and then eat it. Combine creativity with food. Cool for kids too.

Making your own ketchup is a super rewarding experience.BBQ-Sauce too!

Pick a day of the week. This day, is pizza day. It is your mission to find the perfect recipe for you.

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