This Month Rocks! #mind

The basics are fine! It may also make a holiday much more enjoyable.

There's a lot of ways to cook an egg. Spend some time perfecting a recipe for you.

There are many ways that you can contribute from home.

Give the pomodoro way of working a try.

Even if you were never good at it, they can inspire some pretty cool drawings.

You've seen the youtube videos with long chains of ping-pong balls bouncing. Set your own record!

Don't buy anything this month if it will cause plastic waste.

Give you some you receive some! Join the anonymous gift-giving competitions.

Turn the tv off. Monday evenings this month is now boardgame night!

Buy a box of legos and build it ... without using the instructions manual. Throw it away!

You can visit some of the best collections in the world online, such as the Louvre Museum. Google it!

Buy a raspberry pi with some sensors and start measuring the world.

Google it! You can search 19,147 items about 193 countries between 8000 BCE and 2000.

You've probably told yourself you should.Give it a chance this month!

Learn to make small repairs to clothes. It saves money and it might save your favorite t-shirt.

It may be a diary or a notebook, either way it's a good habit.

Tune down the music and listen to podcasts while you're in transit. You might learn something.

Maybe it is about time. Learn to solve a rubix cube!

There's a lot of places that appreciate help. Volunteer for something you care about.

Read the books you loved when you were a kid. Odds are there's audiobooks for them too.

There's a lot of cool card tricks to learn. Just don't overdo the party tricks.

Mix it up! Suprise yourself and tell the barber to give you a new style.

Focus your online time on a carefully selected activities that support the things you value.

They're fun to learn. Simple gestures to make the world a more inclusive place <3.

... in 50 languages! You'll always have a happy waiter where-ever you'll go.

Try - or even better, switch to - an (ethical) tech alternative.

You're allowed to prepare for this one. Force yourself to plan ahead and don't buy anything for a full week.

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